Agriculture and Environment development and interactive solution

The international community has been facing environmental problems that affect the agriculture. Primarily, it affects the water that helps in distributing the nutrients in the soil to produce high-quality crops.

Apart from it, there are other problems including land erosion, warming planet and increasing population growth. Fortunately, there are different solutions that are addressed today that help the rural areas that depend on agriculture.

Forward-looking solution

The international community is looking forward solving the problem by 2050 that covers different factors including the following:

  • Income
  • Distribution
  • Food security
  • Population
  • Climate
  • Natural Resources

Food production system reformation

Many experts are now working on creating an effective food production system reformation. It involves different disciplines such as agro-ecological methods and molecular biology. It also extends to the improvement of water, land and aquaculture efficiency.

Through the food production system reformation, the yield is larger in number and it’s easier to produce.

Food processing chain tweak

The experts are also considering changing the food processing chain to improve the quality of the food distributed in the community or within the country. The process to be evaluated includes energy efficiency, recycling, infrastructure distribution, storage facilities and packaging.

Economic costing and incentives

Costing and incentives are other factors needed to consider in the development of agriculture. So, along with the process, the government and other people involved in the reformation pushes green taxes, policy reforms and ecosystem services.

Community’s role

With the challenges faced today in terms of environment and agriculture, the community plays an important role in achieving the success that experts and government are working hard for. With the help of the community, it becomes easier to facilitate the process and it has a faster mobilization. If the community joins the efforts of the authority, there is a bigger chance that the problem will be solved earlier than 2050.

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