Agriculture and Environment development for a sustainable rural community

Agriculture and environment play a significant role in the development of a sustainable rural community. The integration of agriculture and environmental awareness help in decreasing the potential problems that hinder the improvement of the rural community.

The interrelationship of agriculture and environment also has an impact on food production, which is another factor to keep a sustainable rural community. Food security is important because it’s one of the basic necessity of a person. Although the environment is unpredictable, there are ways that minimize the problem so the resources can produce food.

Awareness program

You’ll find many non-government organizations that focus on improving the environment and lessen the waste that can harm the environment. There are also government-initiated projects implemented in the rural area as well as in the urban area. The programs help in informing the people to take care the environment especially the resources such as land and water that produce food.


Urbanization has been implemented in a rural area in the past decades to produce a larger yield in crops and rice. When the community produces more yields, more profit will be produced. Also, through urbanization, the yields become better, which is ideal for exportation. Export products cost more than the local products resulting in a higher profit.

Effective media

The mass communication also plays an important role in environment and agriculture awareness. Through the different media available, the programs and information easily reach people. Because of the practice of good communication, the media can translate the message clearer to the receiver. It ensures the involvement of the receiver makes the project successful.

Agriculture and environment development is a work in progress. Yet, it shows a good sign, as many people are now aware of the projects and the result it brings to the community.


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